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Anne Zimmerman

Anne Zimmerman

January 20, 2015


10 Ways to Save Money Now!

Brace yourself ladies, we’re in a recession. The price of gas is up, the price of food is up, and they’re limiting how much rice you can buy at Costco. It’s a sad, sad time.

Here are some simple, easy, and slightly tongue-in-cheek tips for how you, the WORKS girl, can save some moola today!

1. Edit your friend list. Those fringe friends you’re not really sure you like and want to spend time with? Cut them from your list. Save your social dollars for your nearest and dearest.

2. Hit the local happy hour. I know, you’ve been avoiding happy hour for a while now. Who likes drink specials and collegiate crowds? You prefer a sophisticated evening glass of wine in a swanky hot spot. Well, pull out your pumps and get back in line. You can eat and drink for cheap at happy hour and still make it home in time for bed or your favorite TV show. How convenient.

3. Stop shopping online. Buy what you need and not what-you-never-knew-you-needed-till-you-saw-it. You know the kind of purchases we’re talking about here…the snakeskin clutch, the organic cotton robe, the turquoise leather vest.

4. Embrace your inner bargain hunter. Become one of those girls who laughs and says in an offhanded way, “Oh, this—I found it thrifting.”

5. Get full use out of your gym membership. Say goodbye to the sexy yogi at the expensive yoga studio down the street and return to the free class included with your gym membership. Yes, it’s filled with old, unsexy, unfit people, but think of it this way: Your concentration will improve because your focus will be turned very inward. We promise.

6. Brew your own beans. Vow to bring coffee from home every single day of the week. When people at work ask about your new routine, tell them you’re doing your part to save the earth by buying fair-trade coffee, using your own labor, and drinking it out of a nondisposable cup. And what are they doing to go green???

7. Let your family feed you. Reconnect with Mom, Dad, Big Sis, Auntie Sue, anyone who is willing to provide free dinner or brunch on the weekend in exchange for your charming conversation. And when they ask if you want leftovers, say YES. Have no shame.

8. Start the Poor Girl Diet. The rules are easy to remember: Never eat out. Never buy expensive gourmet/prepackaged/takeout food. Never buy that yummy organic chocolate bar you used to love. Go to the gym regularly and in times of emergency. For example, tempted to stop by Anthropologie after work? Go directly to the gym. Work out hard to ease your pain over the fact that you no longer have disposable income.

9. Carpool. The mindless chatter with your co-workers will save you from extra obsessing over what your boyfriend did/didn’t do for you.

10. Get a library card. Remember when you used to go to the library as a kid? Go back. They still have all those books, magazines, and DVDs, and guess what—they’re still free.