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Carl Smith

Carl Smith

June 25, 2015


How to Achieve the Optimum Work-Life Balance

If you’ve ever thought miserably that your life seems to comprise a pattern of work, sleep, work, sleep, this is an indication that your work-life balance is out of sync. While work is important, there is more to life than devoting every spare hour you have to help your company progress. You’ve no doubt heard of the saying, “work to live, not live to work” and this is what you should remember when things get you down. Sure, we all have to put in a few extra working hours now and again, but if you find that this is happening all too often, it may be a sign that you need to shake up your life a little. Here is how to achieve the optimum work-life balance.

Schedule in some mid-week fun

Rather than only making social plans at the weekend, why not consider scheduling in a bit of mid-week fun too. By organizing things to do and people to see after work in the week, you’ll give yourself more to look forward to and will be able to relax a little more, even if only for that night. It will also save you from wishing your life away, constantly living for the upcoming weekend and being miserable for the entirety of the week.

Ask for help

If you find that you’re struggling to meet excessive continuous work demands and that it’s encroaching on your free time and causing you to work late every day, there is absolutely no harm in asking for help. It’s not an admission of defeat and it’s no reflection on your hard work. Nobody likes a yes man, and your employers will likely appreciate your honesty and frankness. After all, if you do nothing to make them aware of the situation, how is it ever going to change?

Take control of your time

A long daily commute will do nothing for your motivation levels and you may find yourself going in to the office extra earlier only to be the last one to leave each night simply to try to avoid heavy traffic congestion. Instead, why not ask your boss if there is the possibility of working flex time or of occasionally working from home. That way, you’ll be able to leave the office once you’ve done your required hours each day. Working from home a few days a week will give you the chance to fit your work around your home life. There is no harm in taking an extended lunch or in meeting up with a friend for the afternoon, provided you put in the hours at another time of the day. This option can work really well for those with young children.

Become more organized

Perhaps the reason you always have to stay late is because you find it hard to concentrate in the office and get easily immersed in conversations with your neighbor. By writing a to-do list each night ahead of the following day, you’ll be able to come into work, look at your list and know exactly what tasks you have to get through before you can go home. Having everything written out in from of you may just help to spur you on during the day and power through until home time. And you may find it possible to be more productive as well as leave the office on time each night.


The above list of points is by no means exhaustive. However each point is something to consider carefully and may provide a solution to you finding a better work-life balance. By working smart, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the downtime as a result.