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Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak

January 21, 2015


Should You Blog?

To blog or not to blog? That is our question. It’s an idea that may have crossed your mind, considering the fact that, according to Technorati, the leading tracker of blogs, 175,000 new blogs launch every day!

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of blogging to help you make the decision that’s right for you.


It’s easy to get started. Unlike developing a website, which can take anywhere from hours to months, you can start a blog in about 10 minutes. With free blogging programs such as and, you just pick a template and start posting. It’s just as easy to stop blogging if you change your mind.

It provides a creative outlet. If you love to share recipes, review movies, opine about politics, or just journal about your days, blogging is a terrific way to share your musings with the world—or with just your friends and family. If you want to take your writing a step further and apply for paid positions, writing a blog can give you lots of samples to send to potential editors.

You’ll be more Google-able. In today’s world, your online reputation can be just as important as your in-person persona. Having a blog ensures that people will be able to find you online. This pro comes with a big caveat, of course: Be sure that what you write on your blog reflects the impression you want to make.

The networking benefits can’t be beat. If you’re interested in connecting with bloggers or social media types, then blogging may help your networking efforts. Since readers often come from links on other blogs, bloggers are quite supportive of, and collaborative with, one another.


Blogging can get you in trouble at work. If you are employed by a big corporation, the comments you make on your blog may adversely affect your career. Be careful of political comments, gossip, inside information, or anything that might make your company nervous. More than a few people have lost their jobs because of their blogs.

It’s time-consuming. If you want people to read your blog, you’ll have to post at least a few times a week. While this may seem exciting at first, it can get old. Don’t start a blog unless you have plenty to say and plenty of time in which to say it.

It’s public. Although you may not have a lot of readers, anything you say on your blog becomes available to the public. If you’re not comfortable with a stranger reading your thoughts and commenting on them, don’t start a blog. And remember, thanks to caching, even if you delete a post, it’s not really gone forever.