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Stephanie Reese

Stephanie Reese

June 24, 2015


Desk Drawer Essentials

Last-minute meetings, impromptu presentations, on-the-go eats… Life in the fast lane to success can be unpredictable. Get caught unprepared, and you could lose your only chance to make the perfect first impression. That’s why WORKS has prepared a checklist of the things you should have on hand for all just-in-case situations.

Q-tips: Touch up smudging eye makeup before a meeting, or save your dying iPhone or laptop by rubbing the battery contacts with a swab dipped in alcohol.

Deodorant remover pads: Guilty of rubbing on the run? Stash one of these in your bag.

Clear nail polish: Not just for a last-minute mani—it also stops nylon runs from getting worse, secures loose buttons, and polishes shoe scuffs in a jiffy!

Floss: Because no one will take you seriously with broccoli in your teeth.

Stain remover pen: Just in case you’ve broken one of our rules on what not to eat during a business lunch, have one of these in your bag at all times.

Nail polish remover: Wipe away chipped polish, or eliminate ink stains on your fingers for a more confident handshake.

Mints: Yes, the mints are for your nasty garlic breath, but the tin can be used to carry USB drives, batteries, or ear buds in a hurry!

Dryer sheets: Combat staticky hair and blouses, dust a presentation screen, deodorize your commuting shoes, or leave one in your travel bag for an instantly fresh change of clothes!

Everything tape: Rescue dangling bra straps, conceal cleavage, fasten loose hems, or blot away lint… You name it: Clothing dilemma solved.