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Jill Jacinto

Jill Jacinto

July 7, 2015


Five Makeup Mistakes

So you think you’re an invincible beauty guru, huh? You have an extensive makeup collection, mastered every technique known to man that involves liquid eyeliner and can navigate an eyeshadow palette like it’s nobody’s business. However, you could be making amateur mistakes that are sooo Beauty 101. Here are six makeup mistakes you could be unknowingly making and tip ‘n’ tricks for how to fix ‘em!

Makeup Mistake #1: Applying Eyeshadow After You Put On Your Foundation

Putting on eyeshadow after foundation can only lead to disaster. Flecks from the shadow can fall onto your face, making it impossible to remove it without wiping off some of the foundation you’ve just carefully applied. I recommend applying eyeshadow before any other beauty product. That way, if any falls onto your face, you can simply swipe it off with makeup remover. Already applied foundation and in a dilemma? Here’s a trick: grab a piece of scotch tape and gently press it onto the area where flecks are visible. The tape will clean up any excess shadow and voilà! You’ve been saved from a makeup snafu.

Makeup Mistake #2: Foregoing Powder After Applying Liquid Foundation

No one likes to look like a hot shiny mess, especially if you’re attending a social event or working an eight hour shift. Too many women forget to apply a powder to seal their makeup once their foundation is on. The result? A melting face you could have prevented if you didn’t skip that one simple little step.

Makeup Mistake #3: Going To Sleep With Your Makeup On

I know, I know—in the wee hours of the morning, your bed looks more attractive than breaking out the makeup remover and spending what could be precious time sleeping. Sure, we’ve all slept in our makeup before, but it is bad for your skin—pores can get clogged, your skin won’t breathe and you can wake up the next morning with a face full of zits. Next time you plan on spending a long night out, keep makeup remover towelettes handy at your bedside.

Makeup Mistake #4: Skipping Primer

Who needs primer? This is one of the most underrated pieces of makeup you can have in your collection. Primer is like the glue that holds your makeup together for hours at a time. It smoothes out the skin’s surface and reduces shine caused by sebum. Skimp out on this and you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

Makeup Mistake #5: Using Mascara That’s Three Months Old

Every time you open a tube of mascara, airborne bacteria clings onto the wand. The tube also acts as a breeding ground for bacteria—yuck! So unless you want pink eye, toss out mascara that’s been open for three months or longer. And hey, look on the bright side—you get to buy that brand new tube you’ve been lusting over at Sephora!