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Anne Zimmerman

Anne Zimmerman

June 25, 2015


Healthy Snacks for Work

How many days a week do you hear the soft whisper of the vending machine calling you to indulge in M&Ms, a Snickers bar, or a bag of salty, crispy chips? If you’re toiling hard, the mid-afternoon munchies are almost inevitable. But taking a snack break isn’t always advisable.

Not only are most of those munchies filled with fat and sugar, but they can be expensive—what a five-dollar Frappucino every day can do to your weekly budget isn’t pretty. Breaks can also be distracting, causing you to lose your thought or momentum, sometimes for the rest of the day. Hence, the snack drawer. Don’t have one? You should. If you stock it right, you won’t flip out after a tough sales call and eat everything in sight. Promise.

Here are some ideas for a well-stocked snack drawer—one that will keep you satisfied and full of energy, and occasionally help you indulge a bit on the days you really need something sweet or salty to stay alive.

1. A selection of teas can help keep hunger at bay and perk you up enough to get through the remainder of the day.
2. Nuts and dried fruits in portion-size bags
3. Cups of applesauce
4. Yogurt pretzels or raisins
5. Fat-free popcorn
6. Wrapped chocolates or candies (mini or snack size)
7. Peanut or almond butter is perfect on crackers, on apples, or straight from the jar.
8. Emergen-C energy packs
9. Luna or granola bars
10. Cans of soup or packets of oatmeal

If you have access to a clean fridge where stuff doesn’t get “borrowed,” stock it with frozen edamame, popsicles, yogurt, and string cheese.