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Sabrina Mehra

Sabrina Mehra

January 21, 2015


Organize Your Purse

Inside the dark recesses of many an expensive purse lurks a shameful secret: chaos. Crumpled tissues; empty Tic Tac boxes; dried-out lip gloss; receipts; loose change. Does your purse hide a cornucopia of disarray so abominable that the thought of someone else rummaging through your bag sends color to your cheeks? It might not seem like a big deal, but a messy purse can be a constant reminder that there are parts of your life that aren’t completely under your control – and who needs that kind of stress every time they reach for a stick of gum? Like brushing your teeth and scrubbing your hands before dinner, handbag hygiene (good or bad) can have a resounding impact on your life. Good handbag habits take the shame away.

Exorcise Your Inner Pack Rat
Everything that’s worth anything involves some kind of discomfort along the way. For the slovenly purse owner, your moment of discomfort arrives when you confront your sack of little secrets head-on. Dump and divide the contents of your hefty handbag into four piles: items used every day, items used once a week, items that have no business in your purse but remain due to negligence (candy wrappers, old makeup, receipts), and items you lug around with you because you’re pretty sure you should but you’ve yet to use them. Discard the latter two piles and reacquaint the first and second with your purse.

Sure, it sounds easy enough, but unless we’re completely honest with ourselves (“But of course I need this entire first aid kit, even though I’ve never once used it in the three years I’ve carried it around in my pink leather Marc Jacobs bag”), we invariably haul around far more than we truly require in our daily lives. Take a look in the mirror: you are not a camel. If you ever do need, say, a tourniquet, you’ll find it- you don’t need to weigh yourself down with the contents of your utility closet in order to meet the challenges of life head-on.

Divide and Conquer
Fashionistas can be divided into two categories: shoe people and purse people. Their closets are crammed with a delightfully-high concentration of one or the other. But despite their moniker, purse people are not immune from out-of-control purse interiors. Moving from one dazzling handbag to another and back again, they leave a trail of ticket stubs and breath mints behind them, spreading the chaos equally between handbags.

The cure? Clear make-up bags. If you regularly use more than one purse, confine the contents to these see-through bags (made specifically to fit into your handbag) and seamlessly transfer your essentials between purses.

Weighty Issues
With oversized purses remaining on fashion hot lists, it’s simple to rationalize cramming everything (kitchen sink included) into our handbags. But your handbag can be hazardous to your health, resulting in debilitating back and neck injuries and thus cutting down on the fabulousness we should be feeling when model-walking around town with our trendy purses.

Give your purse a weight test: if you can easily dangle it from two fingers, you should be in good shape to carry your handbag through your day. Otherwise, reexamine the contents and ask yourself if you really must carry around two liters of emergency water or if you’re willing to chance that you’ll be able to source some should you need it. You already have enough pressure on your shoulders, who needs flesh-cutting leather straps on top of everything else?