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Sabrina Mehra

Sabrina Mehra

December 23, 2014


Quick Clothing Fixes

If only we could remain as radiant as we are at the beginning of the workday, when our clothes are fabric-softener-fresh and our makeup smudge-free. Stepping into the workplace presents untold hazards for our outfits, and when disaster strikes (coffee spills/stockings tear/heel breaks,etc.), decisive action in that moment of crisis is critical to surviving the work day with our dignity intact.

Clothing Crisis #1:
You’ve snagged your DKNY stockings on the filing cabinet and a run is creeping up your leg.

The Solution:
Clear nail polish is the prescribed treatment for a run in the stockings, but isn’t readily available in the workplace. Raid your makeup bag or poll your female coworkers for something similarly sticky—like hairspray or glue—that will stop the run in its tracks. For developing runs that aren’t yet visible to the general office population, white-out (AKA liquid paper) is a viable stocking-saver.

When all else fails, and your nylons have been torn beyond repair, peel them off and trash them. Better to go through your day with bare legs than risk inviting judgmental stares or lewd comments with trashy-looking tights.

Clothing Crisis #2:
You’ve misjudged the distance between your lips and the Starbucks cup, resulting in a non-fat cappuccino spill down the front of your blouse.

The Solution:
Coffee spills are one of the most frustrating wardrobe catastrophes, usually striking immediately before Big Meetings with Important People. Rinse the stain immediately with cold water and liquid soap (without rubbing it in) and dab dry with paper towels. When tending to your caffeinated clothes, head to the ladies’ room or somewhere similarly private where you can avoid an unwanted audience (most important when the item of clothing must be removed from your body in order to be de-caffeinated).

Clothing Crisis #3:
An unfortunate encounter with a sewer cover leaves one of your Jimmy Choos lacking a heel.

The Solution:
When tragedy afflicts your cherished Jimmy Choos, a roll of duct tape can provide temporary relief (or at least hold your shoe together until you can rush it in for professional help). If walking home will be impossible, and you can shoulder/stomach the expense, break off the heel of the healthy shoe. You might feel a tad foolish hobbling around on de-heeled Jimmy Choos, but you’d feel even worse with a broken ankle.

Clothing Crisis Survival Tips
Stop-gap solutions to common clothing malfunctions can be easily conjured from the office supplies in your desk drawer. In crafty hands, a paperclip becomes a temporary button; when a tear appears in the crotch of your pants, a stapler can become a sewing instrument worthy of a tailor.
Inspect your clothes every morning, and don’t take any risks with questionable items. A loose thread that seems small and insignificant before your commute could balloon into an embarrassment of Janet Jackson proportions. With stocking runs a common and inevitable affliction, keep an extra pair of pantyhose handy just in case.
Whatever your position, befriend whoever is in charge of the utilities closet (or at least learn where they keep the key). What is otherwise a dull collection of cleaning fluids, duct tape and industrial strength glue becomes a treasure trove of quick fixes during a fashion emergency, and whoever bears the key to this DIY den is someone you want to know.