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Jill Jacinto

Jill Jacinto

December 9, 2014


Tips for Choosing the Right Job

Is there such thing as choosing the right job? That’s a question that’s been often debated. However you can choose the wrong job. With so many job options out there it’s easy to get bogged down when you are looking to make a change. Read on for my tips on how to narrow down your job search and find the right fit for you.

Why it’s important to love your job: You spend over 70% of your time at the office. Why wouldn’t you go into a career that you were truly passionate about? Life is too short to be clocking in at job you don’t like.

Narrow down your job search: Many people feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices in profession. The best thing you can do is to get a reality check. Log onto LinkedIn and do an advanced people search of professionals who are holding positions you are interested in. Connect with them by sending a personalized message asking for an informational interview on their career path and their current job. Going straight to the source is often the best way to judge what is right for you. Remember, it’s always best to try something out than to put it on hold.

Is it a good fit: The best jobs are the kind that don’t feel like work at all. Sure that will still mean long hours and busy work – that’s inescapable. But knowing you are contributing to something greater and ignoring the later nights for the massive end reward is how you know you’ve picked wisely.

Create a happy work environment: Speak up. Your boss doesn’t have ESP – so if you are unhappy with a task, want to learn a skill or work with a different department you need to let your boss know. If you are looking for a change – you need to seek it out. Same goes for getting a promotion and a raise. You need to make it known. The days of promotions and raises arriving after your employee review are a thing of the past. You need to campaign for them and show the results you’ve made in the last years’ time.