Corporate Consulting, Speaking, and Seminars

WORKS produces empowering seminars, workshops and presentations for companies all over the globe. Clients have included ING, Microsoft, HSBC, NBC Universal, Electronic Arts, Banana Republic and Dress for Success.

Custom Consulting Showcase

ClearChannel Katz

Tasked with designing a program to bridge the gap between millennials and boomers in their work environment—how did Nicole and her team do it?

  • Identified both existing corporate strengths and weaknesses in conjunction with teams representing senior management as well as millennials and boomer employees.
  • Created program that facilitated the creation of a multi-generational workplace focused on productivity and success.
  • Presented program findings as keynote speaker at Carnegie Hall.

Freeman Co.

The WORKS teamed with billion-dollar Freeman Co. to create a presentation based on “Leveraging Technology to Pay It Forward and Strengthen Your Network.”

  • Collaborated with Senior Level Executives to create a seminar for their Women’s Leadership Group, which was also recorded and viewed at over 40 global offices.
  • Custom-created a PowerPoint Presentation based on company’s messaging needs.
  • Included onsite LinkedIn Profile Makeovers.
  • Educated employees on how to use the LinkedIn platform to advance their career and create relationships.
  • Created LinkedIn Group for members to keep the conversation going.

Speaking Engagements
and Custom Workshops

Whether you’re looking for a motivational discussion to re-energize your staff, or you want to hold small group sessions on the company dating policy, either Nicole or another talented WORKS team member will fill the room and get people talking, laughing and listening—just as we’ve successfully done thousands of times for others.

Favorite Corporate Workshops

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