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Women At Work

Before there were coaches, communities, and blogs on career advice, Nicole Williams was consulting with some of the world’s most influential companies on how to attract and retain female talent.

Today WORKS by Nicole Williams is a leading brand of its own — a career management agency helping women go further faster than they could on their own. Utilizing an agile approach to careers, Nicole coaches and connects professional women who want to increase their profile and reach their full intellectual, creative, and earning potential.


Nicole offers an alternative to the
dated and general career advice — one
that delivers on the oft unfulfilled promise
of women supporting women.

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It’s Not Your Career, It’s Your Life

In this post-pandemic world the lines between the personal and the professional have become increasingly blurred, making the playing field more challenging for both employers and employees.

Nicole’s innovative approach supports companies and employees to embrace new, flexible work models and cultivate a workforce that is encouraged to design their own careers.

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“Nicole Williams takes a
lighthearted approach to showing
us how to find (refind?) and keep the
professions of our dreams.”



  • 1997

    Director of Career and
    Technology, CNIB

    Fulfilling a need for visually-impaired
    Canadians, Nicole created an accessible
    career development program, which
    would later go on to be audited by the
    federal government and offered across
    the country.

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  • 2004

    Published first
    bestselling book

    With a record-breaking book deal,
    Wildly Sophisticated was released
    as the modern day working guide
    for women, kicking off three
    bestselling books authored by
    Nicole in under five years.

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  • 2006

    Launched WORKS by
    Nicole Williams

    After moving to NYC, Nicole received
    a multi-million dollar investment,
    allowing WORKS to expand from
    coaching and workshops to a
    provocative and trusted multi-channel
    platform for women at work.

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  • 2009

    Multi-city tour
    in partnership
    with The Limited

    Using the Girl On Top book launch as
    an opportunity to attract hundreds of
    influential women across the country,
    Nicole stewarded a 15-city, 17-event
    tour that exposed new customers to
    The Limited brand and established
    their clothing line as the go-to for
    professional attire.

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  • 2011

    Named LinkedIn’s
    Official Career Expert

    Nicole was recruited to represent LinkedIn
    in consumer-facing media and head up
    internal and branded career content,
    solidifying LinkedIn’s position as the
    leading resource for all matters career.

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  • 2020

    Founded ELLA
    WORKS Foundation

    Recognizing the gender and
    structural dynamics that influence a
    woman’s potential, Nicole launched
    the ELLA WORKS Foundation, giving
    back to a community of women
    who have been overlooked and
    underserved in their personal
    development and career preparation.

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Current Projects

ELLA WORKS Foundation

Founded in 2020, ELLA WORKS is a career development and mentorship program assisting trafficking survivors and women transitioning from the commercial sex industry.


Your network is your net worth. So why is traditional networking so painful? Part playbook, part secret society, this platform will help you to thrive in your career and life.

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