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Jill Jacinto

Jill Jacinto

December 9, 2014


Fashion Mistakes We All Make

Who doesn’t have a “What was I thinking?” moment in their style archive? (And if you think you don’t, we’re sure your friends could produce photographic proof of one.) Yes, ladies, even the most fashionable among us have stumbled at one time or another. But while some faux pas can be blamed on the era (wasn’t everyone wearing acid-washed jeans in the late ’80s?), others are just plain bad, no matter when you wear them. Here, Nahila Chianale, stylist to our own Nicole Williams, tells WORKS what five mistakes you should never make again.

Exposing your visible panty lines (VPL). If you are wearing light-colored or fitted pants or skirts, please—for the love of Gucci—put on a thong. (And if the garment is white, make sure the thong is flesh-colored so that its outline doesn’t show.) Also, avoid the dreaded “whale tail” by buying pants that aren’t super-low-rise. Even if you do have really cute underwear, there’s no need for your co-workers to see it. Unless, of course, you’re dating one of them.

Committing hose toe. Strappy sandals are great for summer, but when the weather turns cool enough for stockings, it’s time to pack away the peep toes. Do not—I repeat—do not wear open-toed shoes with tights. If you’re going to a more formal event and just can’t fathom the thought of close-toed shoes, wear the sandals sans stockings. You’ll just have to grin and bear the cold.

Matching head to foot. There’s a reason this trend wasn’t included in the ’80s comeback. It’s oh-so-passé! Instead of going monochromatic, use one color, such as black, as your base and then bring in another color of your choice. Top it all off with a third, lighter color just to give it that extra touch.

Wearing ill-fitting clothing. I think this one is self-explanatory, yet I still see the same mistake repeated over and over again. This is a serious fashion felony. If your clothing is cutting off your circulation, IT’S TOO TIGHT! If your thighs feel numb when you remove those slacks or jeans, leave them on the shelves. If you have “whiskers” going from hip to hip when you wear certain skirts and dresses, they don’t fit you. Being voluptuous is in, and you should be proud of what you have. But you also need to wear clothing that flatters your body. If your stomach is your problem area, don’t wear pants that are too tight in the waist. Ever heard of “muffin top”? Not cute. That’s why they put those awful three-way mirrors in dressing rooms—so we can view what’s really going on at all angles. Believe what you see.

Commuting in sneakers or flip-flops. These little wonders have their place in all of our closets, but we must remember where they belong: in the gym, on a weekend afternoon, on vacation. Not on Wall Street. If you can’t handle heels, invest in a ballerina flat. They’re comfortable and chic. Throw them on for your commute—they look way better than sneakers. Think about it: You invested in that killer suit that makes you look slim, trim, and sophisticated, and then you leave the office and massacre the entire look with those marshmallows on your feet. At some point you are likely to bump into someone who you really don’t want seeing you look like that. Just don’t do it.